Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Happy Thanksgiving.

What fortunate people we are to live in a free country (USA).
And to have so many blessings.

At the beginning of November, a facebook friend started a 'thing' where we would list something we were thankful for that day, everyday, through Thanksgiving.

I've enjoyed it so & it's really made me think a lot about what I am most grateful for.
I didn't share everything on facebook, because some things I'm thankful for are just too personal or to hard to put in words.

While I've always loved my simple days, this experience has made me really think about what really is most important to me.

I am grateful I participated in my friend's challenge & as a gift for you, I'm going to give you a peek into what my 'grateful for' month looked like:

1. Make November a month of gratitude. Each day, post as your status, something you are thankful for. It may be something big - or something small, the point is to keep an attitude of gratitude for 30 days! Will you join me? Starts Monday 11/1 :-)

(Well, looks like I forgot about the fine print-I've got a few more gratitude days to go. It's not over until the end of November-I'll just share what I've shared so far.)

2. I'm thankful I have the priviledge to vote.

3. I am thankful for a dark laundry room and clothes with static.

4. I'm thankful for all the teachers at our high school who, after working all day, stayed late for parent teacher conferences.

5. I am thankful I stayed calm while driving with S. We even went on turnpikes & in mall traffic. I didn't holler once. I did cringe a few times, but over all, she did great. 50 hours-here we come!

6. I am thankful this busy, busy day is over. And for the wonderful people our family gets to associate with.
7. I am thankful for opportunities to serve in my church. (I'll miss my last one & I'm very excited for my new one-good bye RS, hello YW.)

8. Thankful for the stairmaster and the funny old man who told me I will never make it to the top. He was right.

9. Thankful that my Senior is happy about her great ACT score.

10. Thankful it's only 10something pm and not 11something like I thought. Thankful that I realized I was about to post today's gratitude on somebody else's wall before I hit share. What I am most thankful for today are our ward's lovely young women who have accepted this new old lady in such a sweet way.
And the awesome people- YW leaders, R & my kids who helped in so many ways to make tonight so nice.

11. Thankful for my father, cousin, in-law, friends & all others who have sacrificed so much. Thank you is not enough.

12. I am thankful that 18 years ago a sweet little girl arrived and turned me into a mom!

13. Thankful my son's happy with his league championship. Thankful we get out Tues, Thurs, & Sats back for a while. Thankful this season is over.

14. I am thankful for an awesome conversion story a man shared at church today and how it touched my heart.

15. Thankful for pay-it-forward coming backwards, good karma & small business owners who really know how to win repeat business and referalls.

16. Today I am thankful for the little acorn caps on the sidewalk that crunched when I stepped on them. Way better than bubble wrap!

17. I am thankful that J didn't throw up in our bed last night after we woke up to his brother saying, "Mom, Mom, J's throwing up" and his bedding was getting a middle of the night launder. I am thankful to R for being a full partner in the clean up and care in the many subsequent visits to the porcelin throne thoughout ...the night. I am thankful the little guy feels better today.
18. Grateful for opportunities to swallow my pride & open my heart.

19. Thankful for the late night movie date with R and my 11 year old boy last night. Today I'm thankful that there are no games to go to, no 'have to' items on the schedule, and a calm day in store. (Only problem-the day is going by too quickly.)

20. I am thankful for my 5 year old's night time prayers. He was thankful for the day and asked Him to "please bless grandma's and his friend's dad's backs to feel better, the missionaries, baby Delany, the people in Haiti, and to have a good day." What a sweet kid.

21. I am thankful for M. Adair's 10 week fitness challenge!

22. Greatful for the O. School community and the wonderful volunteers from the O. Baptist Chuch. They made today's feast wonderful!

23. Today I was thankful for our 80 degrees-while so many of my friends and family were telling us how cold it was in their areas of the country. Tonight I am thankful for warm pajamas and a heated home, because it's supposed to get to 22 degrees, high in the 40s tomorrow. I am thankful for crazy Oklahoma weather that keeps me on my toes.
24. I am thankful that for these past couple of weeks, I've really thought about all that I am grateful for. I haven't shared everything I am thankful for, but I've sure been thinking of a lot. What a blessed life I've been given-thank you for being a part of it!

I wrote that kind of 'I'm done writing my thankfuls' entry on facebook before I went back and read that it was a challenge for the whole month- I will come back and update this post when November 2010 is over. :)
What are you most thankful for?


  1. I loved this post and had decided the same thing, I'll just have to update my thankful post every day to finish out November. :)

  2. I am Thankful for my best friend-YOU!!


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