Tuesday, November 23, 2010


You have been warned.
I am going to brag.
But I want you to know that I am not bragging in an 'in your face' kind of way.
I am just so happy for this family of mine.
I am blessed to be the wife and the mom.
And we have had a good month.
It's nice to have those once in a while.

We will start with my mr.
He won an award.
Our family was invited to a dinner
and he was honored.

The presenter said that out of 500 coaches he was chosen because,
"he represents everything a YMCA coach should be."

miss h.

She got a score she's happy with.
That is huge.

miss s.

While this is a picture of her musical hands, her voice got her into All State Mixed Chorus.
(According to the high schoolers, the more advanced choir.)
And she even had a cold.

little mr b.

He was one of three fifth graders chosen to read their essays on Veteran's Day.
It was touching.


He helped his team get first place in their age division.

little mr j.

He was the first place boy in the PreK division.
He was very pleased.
Especially to get a trophy.
And that his good friend got the 2nd place trophy.

me, the mrs
I kept everyone clean and fed and where they were supposed to be most of the time.
No trophy,
but I don't mind.

Quite a month for us.
Not a normal one,
that's for sure.
But it's sure been nice to celebrate
each other's little victories
and be reminded of what
wonderful people
we are surrounded
by daily.


  1. That is definitely brag worthy!
    On a side note, I found the email in my spam, so I can only blame myself :(

  2. Those are so brag worthy! But, you left of that the Mrs. has been rocking the Fitness Challenge!!! Keep up the good work babe!

  3. Ditto to Mrs. Ruckus. Your hard work is paying off and I am very proud of you!

  4. Way to go, Erbs! You are raising a Fine Family...don't listen to the voices that try to lead you astray. Love You. :)


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