Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Commit Me

"Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go."
William Feather
Funny picture and quote from here.

Commit Me.
Because I have overcommitted.
And I can feel the anxiety level in my chest rising and lowering and moving around.
And I don't think that's healthy.
But I'll probably be ok.

When we moved to Oklahoma, I was well versed in the art of not being over committed.
I hid out.

But the time here has opened up and my heart did, too.
So, last spring, when the high school choir parent's organization needed someone to help organize volunteers for the basketball concession stand for the 2010-11 season, I said, "Oh yeah, I can do that-and it's a job I can do from home. Woo hoo!"

And, last spring, I opened my big mouth to a friendly woman at the elementary-telling her, "I can't get 'in.' It's impossible. When I try to sign up for things, the same people have taken all the jobs. There's no room for me." (Ok, yes, I know we are extremely blessed to have always lived in areas where there is such a volunteer spirit at our schools. I know-but did you know how many challenges come with that?)

And, last fall, at the elementary school open house, no one had signed up yet to be the afternoon PreK room mom, I danced a little jig-because in all my having-kids-in-school years (and that's a lot), I have never been able to get "in." I was Sunshine committee chair and the whole committee one year and had some classroom volunteer time which I hold dear to my heart. But, I've never held 'the' title.
Yeah, baby, I'm the afternoon PreK room mom. How awesome is that?

So, this fall, I received a telephone call from that friendly woman telling me that no one had signed up to be homeroom mom for my son's 5th grade class and would I like to do it. Well, well-I guess someone listened when I opened up my big mouth. I said, "Thanks, but did you know that I got 'in' as the afternoon PreK room mom. I don't know if that'd be right for me to do both." I was assured that it would be fine and selfishly (because who knows when I'll ever get the chance again) accepted.

Only I didn't know that all the classes have their parties at the same time.
And that I would be on vacation for one of the major ones.
And I didn't know that I would get the awesome calling at church to lead the beautiful young women for a while. (I'm hoping a long while!)
And I didn't know that my trust issues would try to infuse themselves in the choir concession stand business.
And that it takes hours & effort to create & fill that schedule.

Here's what I've learned:
Delegation and letting go is the only way to survive.
Don't try to do a three month concession stand volunteer schedule, try for a month, be happy for a week.
Things will always work out.
Email is awesome.
It's great to get to be room mom once in a lifetime.
I will probably do the concession gig again-have to make the steep learning curve worth something.
Be thankful for the people associating with and relationships that are being built through all these activities.

(Except I'm worried about Monday, I was at a small meeting with that friendly woman and another and I opened my big mouth again and became completely obnoxious-you would have thought I was one of my children-or husband. I don't know what got into me-silly-silly-silly. I am so not like that. I don't know if I built any relationships there, or if they will run away fast when they see me again. I sure hope they don't.)

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go look over my to do list again.
For the millionth time today.
I have a nagging feeling that I've missed something somewhere
and that is not good.

Oh, and would you please work concessions next Friday, 4:45pm to 9ish? Please let me know by tonight or sooner if possible.

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  1. There is no way you could ever be as obnoxious as your Mr.


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