Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday School (The Score- warning - this may possibly be quite sacrilegious)

Here's this Sunday's Score:

my mr 5
me (the mrs) 0

He has spoken in a Sacrament Meeting five times since moving here (not all the same congregation, but still-that's a lot of talks).

I have spoken zero.

That makes me the winner.
And I will let you in on a secret that he figured out.
And it's working for me.
If you have a testimony.
And you bear it somewhat often.
"They" will think you've given a talk
and you will not be asked to speak in other meetings.
It's our secret, but it works.
There's a lady who had got to give a talk last summer who said,
"I've lived in this ward 4 years and this is the first time I've been asked to give a talk."
We're going to her house for dinner in ten minutes.
I am not going to bring up the score or the secret.
We've lived here 2 and a half years.
I say I'm not competitive,
but I'd really like to beat her record.

Here's some definitions to click to:
Sacrament Meeting & Speakers: For a wonderful description of this meeting, click here and scroll down to "What happens during sacrament meeting?"
Testimony:  A testimony is a statement of one's beliefs. You can find lots of Mormon's definitions of what a testimony is here. Testimony meeting is the first sacrament meeting of each month (except in April and October, when it's general conference and testimony sunday gets moved-usually to the week before the first week of those months-and if you have any questions on all this LDS going to church lingo, you can always email me or click on - there you can look up your questions or have a live chat).


After reading this post, I've decided that I've been wearing my nylons for way too long today (13.25 hours). I think the restrictiveness has effected me. FYI - I wrote the above, then we went to dinner, had a lovely time & now we are about to have family scripture & prayer and get the ready for in bed. So I really should be going.

And that last sentence under 'Testimony' might be in the top ten of my run-ons & use of ands and the like. Woo hoo.

Good night and happy Sunday!


  1. hmmm.... I think I'll have to pass along this link to Brother Dodson. *cackles evilly*

  2. I think I can hear the Jaws music playing in the background. Something is gonna happen... especially considering your new calling at church :-)

  3. I found out last night I may be speaking in January...

  4. I was in a ward for 5 years and didn't speak once. Jared spoke at least twice a year during that time. Mostly because he was in the EQ presidency. I think they didn't realize I didn't ever speak because he spoke so much. In the nine years I've been in this ward, I've spoken 3 times. Jared has spoken at least 5, but he's spoken in every other ward in our stake at least once in addition to that (as the Stake Clerk). And I don't even mind speaking in church.


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