Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finally, an expert I am

When I get rich, I'm going to buy this picture from here.

I was in the produce section looking for a very small onion and next to me, I noticed quite a commotion near the potatoes.

Being the nosey nell that I am, I listened in.

One produce guy was yelling over to another produce guy, "Hey, this lady (not me) wants to know what the difference is between a russett potato and an Idaho potato."

Little did they know that in the past five minutes I had walked by the produce big empty bag and box pile that they so kindly leave out in the way and jumped for joy when I saw Idaho on the label. More precisely, Blackfoot, Idaho.

And so, I butted in. Because, finally, something I know. I know, I know, I know.

"Excuse me. I know about this. I grew up in Idaho (mostly Southern, where the potatoes grow-a few years more in Northern where the lentils are, I like them as well but don't know quite as much about 'em). I am an Idaho girl. I know potatoes. (If you checked my DNA, it's probably half potato, I've eaten so many.) An Idaho potato is a russett potato. They are the same thing. Russetts are the main potatoes grown in Idaho. You can get them from other states, but that's no good. You want Idaho russetts if you can get them. Idaho. Buy the ones from Idaho. They are the best."

And then basking in the joy that for once, I knew what I was talking about and had complete confidence (or Idaho pride) and reveling in that Idaho pride, I missed seeing which bag she chose. But, I'm pretty sure she chose the one from Idaho.

At least that's the one I will believe she chose.
Because - who doesn't listen to the experts?

PS- How about this fun tidbit - Two years ago, my sister sent a 50 lb gunny sack of real Idaho potatoes (straight from the farm) to Oklahoma to us for Christmas. Oh, Happy Day! We were in potato heaven.

PPS- Does anyone know is Denise Austin is from Idaho? Because it's my humble opinion that she's a little weird (sorry) in her potato commercials. If the Idaho Potato Commission is going to have someone promoting grown in Idaho, don't you think they should have someone who really has been grown in Idaho?  Like me. Because, you know, I am an expert.

"I'm just sayin' ;)."

Picture from here.

Here's an awesome link to the 'Official Home of the Idaho Potato'.

And now I know what's for dinner tomorrow.


  1. You are so cute, you Idaho Potato lady! I love this post!

  2. That's how I feel about anything Texan! Football, salsa, music....everything is better in Texas. Except perhaps the potatos :)

  3. Did you splain to them about Spuds, too? :)

  4. I'm not from Idaho, but I'm a spud lover, too. Love the post--you're just too adorable--love the potato picture, too.

  5. I think Denise Austin is weird too!
    Something else weird, mike is from Blackfoot and hates potatoes.


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