Saturday, January 8, 2011

Midnight Identiy Crisis

So it's late Saturday night. There are a lot of other things I should be doing rather than being on the internet.
And I am so sorry I got on.

Because-- In my exploring visiting BlogFrog, I found another lady named the mrs!
Only she spells it differently with a capital M and a punctuation mark.
So, of course I had to stalk check her out.
And I was relieved.
'the Mrs.' has only been around as that name for awhile (November 2010)
and it seems quite different than our little space.
While me, the mrs has been around as this name since August of 2009.
But this the mrs isn't much into public relations like the other the Mrs.
And this the mrs doesn't know whether she wants to use a punctuation mark after her name.

But I do wonder, because I used to visit BlogFrog and comment a lot.
And the name I use is the mrs.
And I saw the Mrs.'s alter ego (the PR company) there quite a bit,
although I remember no interaction.

I know there are a lot of other mrs's in this world.
It's still just feels a little odd to not be the only mrs.

But wait-there's more:
So then (I don't know what I did on BlogFrog tonight-maybe it's mad at me for being away for so long),
I saw,
my real life first name.
Spelled correctly.
(Which is a little unusual for those of you that don't know the mrs' real world first name and spelling.)
As the name of somebody else's blog.
And with pictures of somebody's else's life.

the mrs is contagious.

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