Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Welcome to my messy office, that I sometimes share with my children.
I love her hair.
And I used to love that lamp, but it doesn't match anywhere in this house.
We just need the light in here.
It used to sit on the changing table/dresser when the boys were little.
The shade has pee stains.
I never knew how well those little shooters shot.

Tonight I sang a song
to two Senior girls and they laughed at me.
I sang a song about there being two weeks
left in
They said I was wrong.
That there were only six days left in February.
So I sang them a song about there
being six days left in February.
And they laughed at me.

I like to write February.
I like to say February.
I think it's the 'ru.'
It's unrusual.

As am I

PS-you Senior girls-I hope that the next six days will treat ru well and bring the news you want.


  1. Now I ru-eally want to hear your song. :) I like February too and Library (not Libarry). It's just fun to say.


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