Thursday, February 24, 2011

Young love

On Valentine's morning, when I went into little mr j's room to say good morning, he hopped out of bed and started looking for something on his little nightstand, behind his picture frame and in front of the little CD player.

He told me he had something special for me that he had been saving to give me for Valentine's Day.
Then he found it and gave it to me.
The bobbie pin.
The very precious bobbie pin.

Later, after he made made a cute little crown out of the leftover red paper valentine scraps, he brought me another surprise.
He had found it in our junk drawer while trying to find tape.
I had put it there long ago, hoping its owner would show up.
I am the new owner.

Then, he surprised me by bringing me a very special sculpture,
that he, "was very glad he had such strong muscles so he could make it for me-he was going to make an M for mom, but that would have been to easy."
I like my L.

Young love is the best.


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