Saturday, February 26, 2011

Show and Tell - the letter F

See if you can guess the 'L' snack items we brought to PreK this week.
 They're pictured above. Answers below.

Last Friday's email note to our PreK teacher (subject line regarding that day's show and tell):

Hi- little mr. j's item for F is -----"Forgot" :). Sorry.

(He remembered earlier today. But we didn't act on it--we were being silly and thinking of F words-good F words.)
I told him he could show all his friends and he thought about Foster as well. :)
But, we are remembering that he has snack next week and that they need to have to do with the letter L.
I will do my best.
Have a great weekend!
-the mrs who's real name starts with an 'L'

I would give myself an 'F' for fail as a mom, but little mr. j used his thinker.
When it was his turn to do show and tell he showed his FACE. 
Smarty pants.

'L'emon pudding
Ants on a 'L'og
'L'ime jello (we're Mormon- we had to bring the jello!)
'L'emon muffins
'L'ittle crackers (have you ever seen how tiny those crackers are-they are little teeny)

I thought about bringing 'L'ima beans.
Didn't do it.
Probably a wise decision.
No 'F' for me.

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