Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday School- What all the girls are getting

Doing crafts gives me the willies.
I am not good at decorating.
And being girly is difficult for me.
But, I am happy to say that 
the Young Women in our ward
will be getting a candy and paper
Valentine tomorrow.

And these are they:

A happy smiley face prize for the first person to correctly
say what candy is under each wrapper.
Well-each wrapper except the dud of a picture dud one
because you can see that one right below.

Thanks for helping with your wrapping skills, my mr.
After completing the wrapping he decided to arrange, rearrange and arrange again the silly things.
And count them.
He counted 37.
I thought I had 40.
But I was at the store with three kids
who were all trying to help me count
and we'd been in the house for many days
and I guess we'd forgotten how to count to 40
because we had the correct amount of each candy that I bought.
Dang snow days.

Oh well,
hopefully those girls will know they're loved.


  1. I am sure they will! Those are lovely. I am on a mystery mission tonight for my boys. I am sure I will blog about it later :) Happy love day!

  2. hmmmmmmmm. 3 kids helping you. 3 candies missing. Sounds fishy to me!

  3. Your mista is a rappa, reminds me of, "you dad is awsome". :)

  4. Wow! That's awesome!! What a great idea!


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