Monday, April 11, 2011


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Who knows what assuming something does?
Let's spell it out:
when one assumes,
one makes an
A _ _
out of


Somebody assumed that I was mad at them because I did not answer a text they sent.
Somebody was wrong.
And now I think somebody is mad at me.
But I am not going to assume that because what would that make me?

I left this kind of drama long ago.
It's stupid.
I will not be sucked in to it again.

Life is too short and time is too valuable to play games in this arena.
If you want to know how someone feels about something, ask them.
Don't assume.
And if you think someone is not telling you the truth about their feelings,
maybe you are right and maybe you are wrong.
It doesn't matter.
All you can do is take them for their word and move forward.
Hopefully in a positive direction.

PS- I am at a great point in my life.
I have gained the courage to speak my mind, if deemed necessary.
Most of the time it's not necessary.
Most of the time it just doesn't really matter what I think.
But when it does, I do say something.
And I did.
I just don't know if somebody heard.


  1. I wish I could come up with something clever to say but I cannot. So I will simply say, well done! Another great post.

  2. This is a smart blog! I think you expressed yourself very well. Good job friend!!

  3. I'll just ditto what R Ok and Kristen said.
    I love reading your blog and this post really hit home because the same thing has been going on here and like you I am old (let's make that wise) enough to not get sucked into the drama.

    Thanks for another great post Mrs. :)


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