Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday School - ramblings on reverence

I thought I would let you know right up front that I am just going to ramble about here at Sunday School today. I hope you don't mind.

A few weeks ago, we sat in front of a seat kicker. It felt like I was sitting in a massage chair. I remember thinking, "Gee, I wish he would kick a little higher and work on those knots in my upper back." Then I realized that the pew doesn't go up that high and he would just be kicking me and that would not be pleasant.
And then I got prideful and thought,"Wow, how good of me to not get all judgemental, frustrated and impatient with this kid's lack of respect and annoying behavior."  And then I wondered why I didn't get judgemental, frustrated and impatient. I think it's because my back was just really needing some attention at the time and it was a huge blessing that we sat where we did.

Today we sat in front of what I think might have been the noisiest bunch of people ever. 

my mr. has gotten us into the habit of arriving about 10 minutes early to our Sacrament Meeting (main meeting-everybody's there). It's been a very peaceful time to sit and listen to the music and really shift our spirits to worship.  And even though my mr. had responsibilities in another congregation today and was not with us, I got it together and got us there early. (That doesn't always happen when he is not around. I try, but usually only get us there three minutes early. Doesn't work as well.)

Anyway, today was weird.
During our sitting time, little mr. b leaned over to me and said, "It's noisier in here than in my cafeteria at school."
I said, "You're right, now be quiet."
Even miss h & miss s commented on how chatty people were being.
And I had to separate little mr. j and miss s, because they were being obnoxious.
And it just was not the correct time or place for the business they were conducting.
miss s gave me crusties.
I don't care.

The congregation finally shut up after the counselor in the bishopric had been standing at the pulpit ready to start the meeting for a little while said something like, "We welcome you...." I don't know what he said, because I couldn't hear him.

I was trying not to be judgemental, frustrated and impatient.

Then during the Sacrament, there was still a lot of noise. Now this is the most sacred part of our meeting and it was very distracting to have a low murmur going on.  My kids must have decided that if others were whispering, it must be ok for them to do as well.
I thought not.
After it was all over, I told miss s that this was a very sacred time and the whisperings and "Mom" questions need to stop, because it distracted & interrupted people's worship. Especially mine.
I should have told all my children.
miss s gave me a crusty.
I don't care.

It turned out to be a very nice meeting.
I am sure I would have got more out of it if I hadn't been judgemental, frustrated and impatient.
I'm going to try.
Maybe I can sit in the massage pew next week.


  1. I totally agree with you on the noise level yesterday, it was crazy! Sadly, I think that my kiddos were some of the ones contributing to the noise levels, sorry. We were having a rough day yesterday.

    And I just have to ask, what are "crusties"? :)

  2. Amen! Isn't it great that you can go every week and learn something different? Never a dull moment!

  3. Crusties are dirty looks, stink eye, those kinds of looks.

    I predict that you have about 12 years before crusties become too familiar to you. But I hope you never have to deal with them--or the eye rolls.

  4. I hate to one of mine the provider of Sunday massages? You sat in front of us recently and I don't always know what is happening at the other end. Please tell me if it is and we can have the necessary conversation for FHE. And Sunday was ridiculous loud!!! I mentioned it to my honey several times during the meeting and even threw a "shhh" or two over my shoulder....and passed the crusty to any whispering children.

  5. Amy-totally not your family!!!! And thank you for your "shhh's."


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