Message from miss h

miss h wrote the message above and asked that I share it with you.
I asked her to please write a post to go with it,
but she's busy being a Senior & all that,
so sorry no post.
But--we can chalk this one up as one more post about a big kid.
Happy Spring.

ps- How about those fence lines?


  1. The poor doggie is in jail.

  2. yeah, I was trying to figure out how the backyards lined up there. It looks a little different. Glad you are getting some spring. We finally got some here today too. G-5 has a friend over and two of the neighbor boys we've never had come over before. I love our yard when it's full of children. :)

  3. That was very sweet of her.
    Hate to say it but every day is either Spring, Fall or Summer here. It can't make up it's mind! Let's just stay with one season for a couple of months then change!


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