Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Picasso Peep Art

The local library is having a peep art competition,
but according to the registration materials,
I am too old to enter.
I think my piece pictured above would totally have rocked the categories,
but alas,
tis not to be.
So I'm just sharing it with you,
my peeps.

Thanks for enjoying my Peep art.

peep s - (or ps) - miss h and I are in the midst of a disagreement over who took this photograph.
She thinks it was she and I thinks it was I.
Any who who took it,
we're both too old.
And I find that peepy funny.

peep peep s - I'm thinking now that miss h is correct
and she did take the picture
but the senario she keeps describing to me
about the when and how and
what I was doing
while she was thieving my camera
and taking peep portraits
eludes me.


So glad you've come to visit!
I'd love to hear {read};) your thoughts!

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