Saturday, May 7, 2011


miss h's Senior year has turned into a blur.
Actually, her whole life has.
The little toddler who tore up all the catalogs
turned into the preschooler who
took the mattress off my bed
and wore my high heels.
Then she began writing in second grade
and turned into a poet.

We'll just skip middle school and high school
things here, because I am thankful
some of those memories
are now a blur.

And we'll show you some real
(not blurry)
pictures from
Senior Prom

And gossip.
(Even though gossip is bad, bad, bad and never has a good outcome- I must share this lesson.)

Because this blog is about lessons.

See the purple dress?

The purple dress dumped miss h's date
a couple weeks before the prom.
Two years in a row.
That was a bad decision.
Because she had to come to do the pictures
and go with the group to dinner
without a date.
And miss h had a great time with a good friend.
See what I mean,
lots of lessons.

And I have to share one last lesson.
When he was looking at the pictures of the kids
that I took at the park
before the prom,
he asked me why I took a picture of the
people jogging.
I said look closer,

that's why.

I guess that's what the blur of growing up will do.
It'll give you
Lots of lessons.

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  1. Our beautiful baby girl. Certainly has versed me in many things.


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