Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

May I list for you my weekend?

(Maybe I shouldn't. Once in junior high a girl told me to "quit acting like that, you are fishing for compliments." What a hardened 9th grader. Sheesh. Ever since, I've tried not to fish or phish or whatever, but sometimes it just happens & besides this post won't be about fishing for compliments, it'll be about fishing for sympathy or empathy or a few "you poor thing"s. But don't fall for it, because really it's ok. I got a nap and we had ice cream and my favorite little video of all time -and the one I predicted would win- won the grand prize on America's Funniest Home Videos, so life is good. I am sorry there is no link to it, but I couldn't find one and I am too lazy to look anymore, but it was the one where the little kid had a video camera and was sledding and dropped the camera and thought he lost it and was saying all the things I would have said if I had been him and it recorded a conversation between him and his sister and she eventually found the camera and it was precious.)

You know what?
I just decided to delete my list.

Here's the new one:
I attended a funeral. A beautiful funeral full of hope and love and a celebration of a wonderful young man.
I rode a roller coaster with little mr. b.
I recieved great news.
I did not stress when my car died in the Sonic parking lot after a very long day and would not start.
I got the groceries.
I prayed for health and strength in putting into words all the thoughts that were swimming in my head about the talk was to give in church on Sunday. And He gave it to me. (I know. I now have one point.)
I encouraged a child to solve a major problem on her own. (And she did.)
I hugged my kids.

It's all good and life is a blessing.
Happy Mother's Day!

(Ok, that link to "life is a blessing"- they are friends of ours, they don't know I just linked to them, but when I wrote those words-I thought about them and wanted to share.)

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