Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday School / or What I did this weekend

Friday morning I talked to my friend who was planning to do something very brave (& did).
Because of something that had happened in one of her teenage son's classes, she was impressed to let the folks at the school know more about our LDS youth. She shared our church's For the Strength of Youth guidebook with our school administrators. She hope that it would help them understand where the LDS kids are coming from when they are making different choices than the majority of the students at their school.
(Here's a PDF link to that same guidebook. In it, you will find the standards that LDS youth strive to follow.)
I think it will. It gives me hope.
I think she is very brave & I am thankful that she had the courage to pass that information along.

Friday night we celebrated the four young ladies from our congregation that are graduating (or did on Saturday) this year. The first part of the party was for families and close friends. At one point, I realized that almost all the adult women there had served these beautiful young ladies at some point in the past years.

The kids got to kick us all out and have "friends" party that lasted into the night. I think they had fun.

Saturday morning, I wanted to wake up early & take breakfast and a special little gift to those girls, but I overslept so I just took them something little-not breakfast. Hopefully they will know I hoped their day would be special, that I love them and hope the very best for them.

Then miss s and I went to the baptism of a precious young lady (who always gives the sweetest hugs). I used to be her Primary teacher.

There was an open house for a couple of the boys in our ward who were graduating.

And then-it was time to take miss h downtown to graduate.
Graduate from high school.

So we did. And it was wonderful to see her smile and see the hope and energy in those maroon and grey gown wearing kids' eyes.

Their principal talked about hope. I believe it is the theme of the season. I believe we need it more now than ever. The many, many seniors walked happily across that stage. You could see it in the way they moved. Hope. Possibilities.

My daughter's friend (not LDS) was hosting an anti-party graduation party in response to the rumored "field party" that some kids had spoken of. I am thankful for her friend. She gives me hope.
(And I am thankful that miss h wanted to go out to dinner and hang out with us instead of going out. That made me very happy.)

These kids are our future. They are our hope. And I know they will fare well. And I am greatful for that.
And I want them to know that they have an army of adults behind them to support them and fortify that hope.
I am thankful to be a part of it.


  1. Cameron saw you at graduation. He was there with the band. He texted me to ask why you were there. I replied that your miss h was a senior he said "oh yeah, she's hot." I just had to share that one! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Laura! That is funny!
    I took some pictures of the band- I will share :). I think they had to play that graduation processional about a million times. They did a great job!


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