Friday, May 13, 2011

Running - Post Mordem

Not, really-I'm not going to do that to you :).
What a crazy day. I'm glad they only happen once in a while.
All I can say is thank heavens for vehicles that run & teenagers that I trust who have driver's licenses.
(Which reminds me-I still need to tell you that story of "two weeks ago Monday" that is now half a year old.)
I will tell you that at 11:15am ish, I tipped over on the couch and fell asleep.
little mr. j woke me up a few times.
I regained consciousness, made him a peanut butter & honey sandwich, gave him a cup of milk and a banana as well. He is a very patient child. He was on time for school.

Thank you to Shari, Becky, Susie, & my kind mother-in-law (via email) - who all sent kind messages.
Being a mom is a wonderful job.
It's especially honed my patience and endurance.

Now, a change in subject:
Someone sent something oh-so-kind.
And I get to share.
Thank you MdmDragonfly!
She kindly awarded me (drumroll & great big woo hoo):

So-there are a few rules that go with this wonderful award:
1. Thank the person who awarded you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 discovered bloggers.

But, I am a loser having to creatively handle my time of late, so I'm going to make a choice to bend those rules and cut myself a little slack, because-well, you read that last post & even though all my days aren't like that, there's always too many other things waiting for me to get to.

So, if I pass this on to you, you can do what you will with it-but know that in my becoming versed life, I have learned that you have to take care of the real life you before you can take care of the online you, so just know I think you're great & I enjoy your work.  (I have chosen to only do a few smaller blogs that I have ties to.)

1 . "Check"-but thanks again!!! (I need to get on your fly routine!!)
2. *The steroids I was on to help a badly bruised muscle and the sugar I've been consuming and the sleep I've been missing have all contributed to a regain of 5 pounds and I'm not happy about it. *I think those little solid chocolate Cadbury eggs are the devil. *If I don't exercise for a day during the week, I turn into a very unhappy woman. *I am not that into watching movies, but when I do want to watch one, I like the unusual ones. The latest one I liked (and I watched it twice-which says something, because I never do that-ever) was "The Tourist" with Johnny Depp & Angleina (sp?) Jolie.
3. Here are the folks I would like share this award with (in alphabetical order):
A Christian Mormon's Mission - Elder-you're awesome & the fact that you are spreading the news in the cyberworld is great. I know you don't have time to pass the love on with the little award-so don't do it! But know that I think you're awesome.
I Sing I Dream I Love, Anyway - A friend with a beautiful smile (I've got lots of those-lucky me) .
Messy Mind - A very brave woman, living with MS .
Mother Flippin - Compassion, roller derby, & children that make me laugh.
Pintucks and Ruffles - One of these cute sisters, I had the privilege of getting to know through
the Young Women program at church years ago. They have an incredibly talented family.
Simply Fit With Webly - Please see the first 'personal' item I "wrote" for you ;).
Strawberry Pearl Studios - one of miss h & s's very first babysitters and an awesome 'vinyl' crafter and the only website where I won a giveaway-woohoo.

"Check" (kind of).
I know it's not as many as I am supposed to have, but the kids just got back from school & we've got a graduation party to prepare for and someone wants the computer.

(Winners, I'm going to be late in letting you know I've 'tagged' you. But I think it's good that I am stopping typing right now, because I am noticing a severe overuse of parentheses.)


  1. oh thank you so much for the shout out! i'm glad you enjoy my blog... i love yours! my kiddo is grown and has little ones of her own... i enjoy reading about the tribulations of those years... reminds me sometimes of how joyful it all was... you are a beautiful woman with a strong foundation in faith and that is so very appealing... i enjoy coming to your site and reading about the adventures wrapped in faith! thank you again for the award and the kind words!

  2. Thank you Mrs! I couldn't have described my blog any better. I enjoy reading yours very much too. :)


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