Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday School

photo of little mr. j eating a cookie that he and miss s made
in the shirt he wore to church

What a week.

Here's what went down in Sunday School today. (And I say Sunday School in a very general way- really I mean, here's my take on today. What went down, what I thought, whatever comes to mind as I am typing this up at this hour that I really should be using to get ready for bed.)

We will begin in the morning when it was discovered that I didn't do much laundry this week.
The young men in our house went to church looking like a couple of urchins. Well, not really urchins, but there were no clean dress shirts for the little one and the only polo that would match the dress shorts-and I use the word dress very loosely-was in the dirty pile as well. And it was wrinkly and probably smelled, so he wore the same shirt he wear to "rodeo day" at school a couple of weeks ago. On the ride home, my mr. said he should have loaned him his bolo tie. That would have really complimented his "Cars" socks my mr. bought him from the dollar section of a store last night and the navy cargo shorts and the brown belt and slip on dress shoes. His hair was combed nice. It looked like something from my dad's old year books.

little mr. b faired better. He tried to get away with a white dress shirt from "the pile." Later he walked out with a blue striped number that had many less wrinkles.  The green patterned tie didn't really match and was too short, but I wasn't going to say anything because I was just happy he found something clean. He got a haircut last week and this was the first Sunday in a long time that he didn't use any "product." For some reason, that was a big deal. I do think he put on deoderant, though. Yes. He has started that, but I don't think he smells and I have a sensitive schnoz. Walking through a middle school in rush hour is definately an adventure for me. I would know if he needed it. He's bowing to the peers.

The rest of us looked decent, but after sitting by my mr., I think it is time to take all his suits to the cleaner.
His suit (not him) did smell.

miss h and the rest of the lovely graduate young women spoke in sacrament meeting. They did a wonderful job. They were all dressed beautifully and did not smell.

miss s said something stinky and rude to me and my mr right before our third hour meeting (we all met together because it is the 5th Sunday of the month and our ward uses that 5th Sunday as a time to speak the whole congregation -minus the little kids). She got in trouble, but got it worse when we got home. I believe she will refrain from telling her parents to "chill" from here on out. She is looking forward to a very sad, electronic & friendless month.

Our 5th Sunday meeting was about gaining, nurturing, & keeping a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our ward has had 4 families decide to "leave" the church. I don't know if they've really left. They just have decided to not come anymore. Sad. We miss them. I am thankful that rather on dwelling on what these folks have decided to do, that our leaders are helping us fortify what we know & reminding us how to stay strong.

After that meeting we (the young women leaders) had another short meeting to clarify this week's camp details. Here are the details: we are going to camp, some meany leader has decided that she would like to have the girls put their cell phones away for the week (all two days of it- guess who that meany is), drop your gear off and the G family's house by 6pm Tuesday, and we need help with transportation for the girls home.
Note to me: next year have the YCLs (youth camp leaders) do waaayyyy more, have deadlines for knowing exactly which leaders and girls are attending, start planning and have our camp director (and an assistant) called (meaning asked to serve) in November for the next summer, and there's more but I will stop here.

There's a monster youth conference coming up as well. It is eating our lives. I spent an hour and a half tonight typing in information and sending emails about it. That's ok. It's going to be awesome-but I am a little worried about the smell that might come forth.

I found out today, from a gentleman that dropped 2500 or so tickets (for the production the kids are putting on as part of the conference) off at our house to be distributed to the stake, that there is a non-member (not belonging to the LDS church) related to him, who would like to attend with us. Pretty cool. miss s knows her from choir at school. Looks like she might get to be a little social after all.

Would it surprise you to know that my prayers of late have mostly consisted of the words "please bless everything to work out"? I know they will. I know who's in charge, because if I've learned anything over the last few weeks, it's that I am not.

So, we have tickets to the show and I will be doing laundry tomorrow.
As for all the rest,
I will continue to pray and know everything will be ok and that I will be able to handle the smell.

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