Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Update, One YAY, & Why I'll be incommunicato this week

My dad tipped over my great, great grandfather's headstone last Saturday.
Wished I had enough time to tell you the story that my mom told me.
I guess he did an "egg roll" because he didn't want it to hit him.
If you knew my dad, you would find this very comical.

And, because of of time constraints, they could only get to my grandmother's cemetary after it was dark.
That's not good.

Lesson: Don't lean on old headstones & get to the cemetary on time.
(My mom just told me that there are laws against the both. If you knew my dad, you would also find this very comical.)

They did get to go to one funeral, decorate many of our folks' gravesites, and see lots of relatives. Even one of my cousins in a restaurant-that was a surprise.

My mr. and the three older kids went to Chickasa and helped with tornado cleanup.
He's a good man. And -----I have had his last name longer than I've had my maiden name.
Happy Anniversary to us!!!!! And yay us, for all the years!!!

I will be incommunicato (spelling probably horribly mutilated) this week because I am going to girls's camp with my lovely young women. There are air conditioned cabins. Yay.

I need to leave in ten minutes.


  1. Happy Anniversary. Hope you have a blast at Girls Camp. Though, I do think I'm glad it's you and not me. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! And have a wonderful time at the girls camp.... your Mr. sounds like a very good man indeed....

  3. While your dad's incident was comical, I'm glad we weren't there when it happened.

  4. Thanks, Sherri & BF.
    and R, you are very correct.


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