Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

miss h and miss s make fun of me when I drink something that has caffeine in it.
They tell me I am a spazz and make fun of the cool thing I can do with my arms.
"Look what I can do."
They're just jealous because they can't do the arm thing.

I drove through the Rocky Mountains today.
I thought my brain was going to explode when I got to the top.
That and my bladder.
There were construction delays all the way up the mountain to Vail, Colorado.
Does it irk you when driver's ignore the "left lane closing ahead" signs and just power past you?
Does me.
A nice red semi let me in right when the first sign of that nature appeared.
We were an awesome team of honery drivers and didn't let any of those pushy people in until I caved at the very end of that left lane ending and let a stupid smelly oil burning jeep in front of me.
I probably disappointed that semi driver.

There was a beautiful rest top at the top, so I stopped but there was a sign on the stairs that led to the restrooms that said, "Restrooms Closed-Use the porta potties on the other side of the parking lot."
That should count as a Colorado mountain experience, don't you think?

I'm posting again from this awesome iPad that my very kind mr. shared with me for the trip. (That I don't know how to use with blogger.) I got a hotel room for really cheap on an online discount site that doesn't let you know which hotel you are staying at until after you buy it. It's maybe one step above miss h's new dorm room, but I'm not going barefoot in here.

Apparently when you buy the cheap rooms, you automatically get sent to a smoking room. At least at this hotel. There weren't any nonsmoking rooms available-the nice young man told me he could get some air fresheners for me. I asked if the window would open (it does-no screen). Got to the room and it doesn't smell. Yay. But I'm not brining my suitcase in here. Look for the crazy lady living out of her car at a hotel in Colorado Springs for the next couple of days. That will be me.

Hey, I am rambling.
"Look what I can do!"

I only drank one Dr. Pepper.
It wasn't eve a big one.
And it was finished by 6pm.


  1. Ok, I can't even figure out how to edit that post using this thing.
    I posted it and it wasn't finished.

    Here's the end:
    I think I am going to take something for my stuffed up head and lie here and try to fall asleep. I would ask you to wish me luck, but by the time you read this it will probably be morning or days or weeks or months or years later and it will be too late.

    I should probably just be more judicial in my caffeine intake.
    "Look what I can do."

  2. You are making me crazy now, wanting to see "what you can do". lol Brave lady to be driving home by yourself. I could never do it. Maybe because I've never gotten into the habit of drinking those caffeinated drinks on long trips. I had to train myself to sleep so D's driving wouldn't make me crazy the whole way.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of you solitude ride home. :) Be safe!


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