Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Home Safe

I am home safe.
Arrived home about 8:30pm, Saturday night, fully in caffeinated mode.
miss s enjoyed mocking me.
No more doctor for me until my next road trip.
(And I am fully confident that I can do road trips on my own after this past ten or so days. Yay me.
Ok, maybe not fully on my own-the doctor will come along, but I only will use him for his caffeine.)

And there are only two heads under this roof tonight.
(Well, three if you count the dog, who is under the patio roof, which technically is part of the house roof, but she dug another hole today-a very neat hole this time, yay, I was very impressed by her pawdiwork {handiwork-in dog terms}. Rectangular, about a foot and a half long, five inches wide and six inches deep. I think she's lonely.)

my mr. is off at a meeting.
We had a lunch date/family reunion planning meeting today at the Shartel Cafe.
He flew with his friend in a plane this evening and had dinner at the same restaurant as miss s and I did tonight, only in a different city.
What are the odds of that happening?
(hmmm, does she mean eating out two meals in one day or going to the same venue in two different cities?)
(hmmm, I don't know. You can decide to think what you want.)
I drank water.

I think miss s is enjoying the one on one time she's getting with us.
I think miss h is enjoying the none time with us she's getting in Utah.
I think the boys are enjoying the time they've been sharing with my parents and cousins and aunt and uncle in Boise the past week and a half. (They head to my in-laws' home tomorrow.)
I think my mr. will not sleep well tonight because he misses me.
I think I will be glad when July is half over and we can get to the lazy days of summer.

I'm sleeping in tomorrow.
have a picture to show you (finally).
It's a cute one! You're not going to believe it, I'm showing someone's face!
See ya!

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  1. Okay don't tease us with the "it's going to show someone's face" if it's just going to be the dog. hahahahaha

    Glad you are home safe. I've been looking at Miss H's pictures and she sure looks like she is having a good time. Reminds me of when my Miss C went off to school. Kind of made me sad that I was missing out on all her fun. Thank goodness for Facebook. ;)


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