Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday School - Happy Father's Day

It's 101 degrees in Oklahoma City.
It's 55 degrees in the Salt Lake Valley.
I am not in OKC right now.
I'm in that other place and I did not check the weather before I packed,
But that's another lesson for another post.

(That and how I thought I put a time delayed post up for the past week, but it went to drafts instead. Sorry.)

Happy Father's Day to my mr.

And to other mr.s and to my little mr.s and to all other little mr.s out there.

I went to church with my aunt and uncle today and in the Relief Society lesson, the importance of fathers was a little bit of the discussion. The teacher talked about how our society disparages fathers so prevently and about how sad and wrong that is. I agree.

If everyone could have a father like my childen's father, the world would be such a better place. While we have our not so good moments like every other family, he's really taught them so much about how to be good people.

So, for a Father's Day treat, I am going to share a story with you-as told to me by my mom on the phone this morning. (Here's the backstory-I am in Utah right now. The boys and I drove miss h to college. my mr. And miss s are at home. We had a family reunion in Rupert, Idaho yesterday. My parents took our two boys back home with them while I will stay in Utah for a couple more days and then go to Colorado for a few days and then drive home-I am in a very weird-no-child-around week, but we'll not go ther right now. Let's get back to the story.)

This is what my mom told me that my sweet little mr. b did, that I know he did because of the loving example of his father: when they got home last night, little mr. b helped get his little brother in the tub. Then when he took his own shower, he wiped down the surround. When they went back in to brush their teeth, he noticed a spot he'd missed. His grandma told him it was ok to take care of it later. This morning he made both his and his brother's beds (Ihope little mr.j helped.) Helped get him dressed and helped with breakfast. While I was talking to my mom, they were playing upstairs nicely with some of my old (very old) toys.

Thanks for being a great dad, my mr.!
I love you.

PS-Thank you also for sharing your iPad with me. Thank you for telling me this afternoon when we talked that it didn't need a wireless connection and that I could use it right where I was.
I'm not much good at using this thing and there are probably a lot of typos and my hands are cramping up from typing on this little screen, but I am very grateful for your kindness. Hope those enchiladas were good for dinner!

PPS-We did celebrate Father's Day as a family last Sunday and the steak did not taste like lighter fluid. It was awesome.

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