Monday, June 13, 2011

Shari- This is for you.

Shari wants the recipe for the scones.

I tried one from a blog yesterday because I couldn't remember where I put the recipe that my at-one-time-a friend gave me in Texas. I didn't want to go digging all that up again & the wonderful blogger at Make It Do posted a link to a recipe on her blog &
I said, "Oh, Happy Day!"

miss h rolled her eyes and gave a beautiful disgruntled grunt when I told her that I was going to be using a new recipe.

classic miss h.

This is the link to the recipe to the scones. Beware. They are very good and wayyyyyy better than my at-one-time-a friend's recipe.

In fact, after I made one recipe's worth, I began to worry that my piggy hungry family would not have enough, so I made another batch of dough.

Lesson: one batch of this scone recipe is enough for 6 people to feel sufficiently stuffed and nutella
(not an ad- although there is one young lady-who is leaving for college this week-who almost got busted eating it and decided to hide it in the toaster/plastic wrap cupboard for me to find a week later-so wrong-hiding an open nutella container and wasting all that goodness-that would make a good ad) on scones is yummy although I am a purist and stick to butter and honey.

miss h ate a bunch and approved. Although I do not recall her recinding the eye rolling grunt.
 What I did with the second batch:
OH MY GOODNESS! This is the very best part!!!!
This is where (at my ripe old age) I decided
that there is something way better than scones that comes from scone dough.

I rolled up some cinnamon rolls.
I never, ever have had any luck with cinnamon rolls.
Until last night.

I mixed up some white sugar and some brown sugar and some cinnamon until it really made me want to barf because it smelled so bad.
(I think it may have been the residual greasy smell that was lingering in my poor home and on my body mixed with other stuff. my mr. said it smelled good, but it just made me feel nauseated.)

I buttered a 9x11 pan and hoped they'd fit.
I rolled out the dough into the best rectangle I could.
I buttered the heck out of that rectangle-trying my best not to mangle it.
Then I spread the sugar mixture on thick.
Rolled it up.
Marked the halfway point of the roll and marked the half half
and then marked the quarters of  the half half half
Used minty dental floss to cut those halves.
Put them in the pan.
Let them rise.
Cooked them at 350 degrees for a while
(until they were light light light brown - like cream on the sides, little brown on top).

Then they got to sit on the counter (and they made the smells in my house much yummier) to wait until Monday morning when I was finished at the gym where I watched the last half hour of Tron while I ran intervals after which I stretched and didn't throw up and then went to purchace cream cheese because it would be wrong to not have cream cheese frosting on those babies because even if they didn't taste good, at least the frosting would.

And, Oh Baby!
I scored!
And it was the first time I made cream cheese frosting.
I love cream cheese frosting.
My wedding cake was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
My Grandma Thelma made it.

I made a half recipe of the frosting from the old better homes and gardens red checked cookbook that my mom gave me a million years ago and has a great banana bread recipe in it.

Let's see if I can remember it:
(this is the half recipe)
one package cream cheese
one stick of butter
(both softened)
2 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla

I questioned the wisdom of not adding some kind of liquid, but I was wrong.
I am so glad I didn't add any liquid.

So we got a cinnamon roll out of the pan.
Put it on a plate.
Spread a bunch of frosting on it
and microwaved it for 15 seconds on high.

I'd post a picture, but they're pretty much gone.
See above comment about our hungry family.
(Actually, we did give a few away.)

So, Shari, there you are-the scone recipe.
And I hope all you all will never ever be an at-one-time-a friend of mine.
I'm hoping to hang onto you forever.
The end.


  1. I really did want the recipe (thank you for that) I'm just not sure I needed all this yummy description of them and the cinnamon rolls to go with it. You are killing this dieting girl. LOL
    I made cinnamon rolls for the first time this weekend too. Now I'm going to have to try your scone version because if Miss H could take back her eyeroll I know it must be good. :)
    Thanks again for the recipe, off to check it out.

  2. See when you said scone I was picturing these...
    I'm a Puyallup Fair born and raised kind of girl so those are the scones I know.

    Yours remind me of fry bread or Elephant Ears which are manna from heaven.

    I think I'll be making me some scones that involve lots of grease. lol


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