Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday School

I know, finally a post!
I have to.
It's Sunday.
And it's Pioneer Day.
That's a pretty important day in my culture :).

Today we trekked to Woodward, OK and attended services there at their precious branch (very small congregation). Very nice people in Woodward. Very nice.
my mr. had a speaking assignment and he asked me and miss s to speak with him.
So my husband, I and our three children still living with us, made it there.
(miss h is having a very fun pioneer weekend in Utah!)
We left very early this morning with a picnic (to be eaten in the car) breakfast and lunch.
At about 154 miles, it took us about 2 1/2 hours.
If we were handcarting it, and we were going at a super good pace of 20 miles a day, that would have taken us over a week.
Isn't that incredible?

I would have melted.
I am thankful that we drove.
And I am thankful for air conditioning.
And I am thankful for the pioneers that went before me.
Very thankful.


  1. I was sure glad to have the company and the great speaking companions. Muchos gracias!

  2. beautiful video and thoughts my dear. Thanks for the Monday message!

  3. On our trip to South Dakota this past week, we had the opportunity to follow the Mormon trail several times, and my kids got to even pull around handcarts. TOTALLY made me grateful that I didn't have to do that every day. Between the heat and the terrain, I cannot even imagine how tough that must have been.


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