Saturday, July 16, 2011

Can someone please give me kickstart?

I would be very grateful.
I've stayed up wayyy too late tonight in honor of the good old nights of last weekend.
This time it's Jerry Maguire's fault.
Dang tv.

And of course I didn't power down the machine and
kept telling myself, it's on the DVR-
but I was enjoying that Toyota facebook commercial with the girl who "mostly read an article" too much.

And then I walked by the office and the fan was on
and instead of turning it and the computer off,
I told myself that I could check just one thing online.

So here I am.
I checked more than one thing.
Dumb choice.

I have not been able to get myself into doing what I need to since end of the busyness of the past month.
I am hoping tomorrow will be the day.
I doubt it will, but it's good to hope.
Please kick me if you can.
And goodnight.

Tomorrow's to do list includes:
Picking up a prescription for miss s. (she's fine without it-it would make her life better if she had it, but I am totally acting like our tooth fairy with this errand-so sad.)
Picking up a picture I finally got framed from our trip to Hawaii in December (2010).
Picking up some transparency film.
Not going grocery shopping (because I did that today).
As always: laundry, cleaning, and the bills because those things just will not leave me alone, even though I have been doing my very, very best to avoid them.
Help my mr. with a couple of things.
Cleaning out this computer's hard drive so I can get this summer's (so far) pictures off my camera.

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