Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Summer

Calendar image from here - it doesn't match what we have had going on, I just liked the visual.

The last week of May I started my first summer PACE (brain training) client.
T-ball started.
The first week of June I went to girls' camp with the awesome young women
and leaders from our ward.
The second week of June little mr. b, my mr. and a bunch of their scouting friends
went to scout camp.
And swim team started.
The third week of June my mr. went out of town for a bit.
And then the boys, miss h and I started out road trip.
At the end of that week,
miss h became an independent university girl.
And the boys and I went to a family reunion in Rupert, Id.
And they went back to Boise with my parents.
And I went back to Utah.
By myself.
And had a great time.
The forth week in June I drove to Colorado Springs for PACE Advanced training.
I'm glad I went.
On the last Saturday in June, I drove home.

The next Monday, I started with another very cute PACE client.
The last week of June, my mr. went out of town for work.
This first week of July, I will go to Youth Conference with the youth in our ward.
The second weekend of July, my mr will host
 family reunion in Boise.
He will pick up the boys.
Who have been having an incredible time in Idaho with both sets of grandparents.
On Thursday, July 14th, we are in charge of the treats and drinks after the t-ball game.
Someone gets to go to golf camp the third week of July.
And there's a swim meet.
The last week of July, miss s gets to go to San Antonio (lucky)
with a super fun friend to attend EFY.
And I think there is another swim meet and couple of t-ball games in there.
The first week of August little mr. b goes to soccer camp.
The second week of August brings "back to school" information day and
hopefully a visit from the university girl herself, miss h-
but only if that job she gets will allow her the time off,
right, miss h?
The third week of August brings eye doctor visits
and the first days back to school.

miss s has a full time "nanny type" position with two
very cute young ladies.
miss h was their "nanny type" last summer.
I think being a "nanny type" gives wonderful life lessons.
miss s has greatly enjoyed her one on one time with
both her father and me.
And so have we.

also if you are part of this group:
his "cousins' on his mom's side,"
please don't be alarmed.
my mr. has the reunion all under control.
We set the date for the reunion before we knew about the Youth Conference.
We didn't want to change it.
And lunch is fried chicken.
But miss s will not be there to do the kids' events like we hoped.
(miss h gets to be there thanks to some wonderful "cousins' on his mom's side's" kindness.)
mr mr. was going to delegate, but I don't know if he did.
If he didn't, he might need some help in that department.
I am sorry.
But I know you all will have fun.
And I will miss seeing you.
Very much.

Happy Summer!

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  1. I just realized we have people in four states at this moment (UT, ID, CO, & OK).


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