Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday School - not really Sunday School - Just some Sunday ramblings

All right, so I am very tardy to Sunday School tonight.
But I wanted to check in with you and let you know that this weekend was a screaming success on all fronts.
The kids from our congregation rock. They had a great youth conference. I am so proud of them.
And my mr. hosted a most wonderful family reunion in another state.
My college girl talked to me on the phone for quite a long time tonight.
She chose to not go to a concert with her friends when she found out the ticket she bought was for a Sunday.
Good choice, miss h. I'm proud of you!
My high school girl's been hanging out and wanting to visit with me much.
She was sad that she didn't get a prominent part in Friday's production, but something better came up and I am so thankful.
I get to see my man and my boys at midnight Monday night-well, really Tuesday morning.
I slept over 12 hours (miss s says it was more like 13 or 14) last night and took a 3 hour nap today.
(There wasn't much sleeping Thurs & Fri nights.)
It's a very good day.

The only bummer is that - apparently - my old computer here is getting old and tired and needs a clean out.
I have to make space to download all the many pictures I have from this summer so far.
I really wanted to put some pics on here. They will come, I promise!


  1. I am proud of your college girl too. I always thought that was the hardest part of college, doing the right thing when other members of my faith were choosing different. Send her a phone hug for me.

    Oh, and you have one crazy summer! I can only imagine as my kids get older. :) Have fun.


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