Thursday, November 17, 2011

Has anyone seen the turkey?

Because that was our Kindergarten assignment.
Disguise it to prevent it's early demise.
I think we did a fantastic job.
Yay little mr. j and me.

(Can you see the turkey now?)

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

(And FYI- I did not do most of this project. I did buy the red feathers, nag him to cut out the white paper feathers, figure out how to do the face, purchase fun foam for the pupils & brows (sketch, cut out, and prepare those and the beak to be glued on), ask him to color the feet black & explained why I thought he should do that, bought clear washable liquid glue, helped with face placement, and didn't get worked up when he glued the feathers on in the direction I thought they should not go- he will hand it in tomorrow. Phew.)
(And FYI again- the instructions clearly stated that this was a 'family' project. Next year, in first grade, 'he' gets to build a turkey from scratch. We have already had one preproject planning meeting.)

Oh, and another FYI - Last week a real, live turkey walked through our yard, across the street, and between my two across the street neighbors' homes. The next day, my mr. saw it in our behind our house neighbor's yard. It jumped their fence.
Incredible and timely.


  1. That is awesome! I can only dream of being even half as creative as you!

  2. This is too funny and very clever. Way to go little Mr. J and a little bit from Mom too. ;)


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