Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Guess what I did last Thursday?
Ohhhhh, it was so fun.
my mr.'s has been talking to me about joining him in golf,
but this was way better than golf.

I went with this lovely lady,
who happens to be someone I go to church with.
And, I am thinking that maybe besides book clubs and play groups,
the shooting sisters would be an awesome excuse to spend some time together.
That and provident living.

And just so you know- if you need me to come hunt your skeet, I am 15 (or 16) for 50 and I hit them better when they are coming towards me or rolling across the ground pretending to be a rabbit.
And that the rifle I have access to is not as nice as the one we were shooting with,
but I could still probably do ok with it.

And apparently, my going on this outing surprised and brought great joy to my mr., who has gone on a couple of pheasant hunting trips the last couple of years and probably will not be going on any more.  When I was reading my friend's post about our outing, he kept bringing out items related to our outing -one at a time- and explaining how I could use them next time. I stopped him at the padded shoulder vest that has a lined pocket in the back to hold the day's victims. That just grossed me out. Just imagince those poor little skeet stuck riding on my back. Eewww. (Just kidding - I know that it's very unsafe and against the rules to walk out past the stands to retreive the little skeets.)

Then he started going on about how we could take up different hobbys together- I tuned him out for a little while, but then he just got silly....

He said, "Then we can do scouts together and wear matching shorts and ........."

I just laughed.
Me and scouting are like me and pheasant cooking.
And golf.

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  1. Definitely go for the matching shorts!!! HAHAHA!! This post rocked.


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