Monday, May 12, 2014

Not Cool

If you get an email from me, you will get my automatic sign off that says something like, "I write, come visit if you'd like."
(As I just typed it out, I think I will change it to, "I write, come read.")
But today and yesterday, I deleted my little auto link off a few emails.
I'm embarrassed I haven't written anything of substance for a very long time.
I'm shy to share the feelings I've had over the last couple of years or so as the people associated with said feelings have feelings of their own.
I'm shy to share the lessons I've learned through experiences with them and on my own.
I haven't wanted many visitors around.
There haven't been many visitors around.
That needs to change.
The sign off needs to change.
I need to change.

School gets out for me this Thursday.
I will see you after then.

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