Today was 8th Grade Day

It was not 2nd grade breakfast day.

And at 8th grade day, I got to go see a movie.

And while standing in the quiet 10:30am movie theater foyer talking with another mom and waiting for some 8th grader to buy something unnecessary, I heard this comment from a lone young man- who was not with our group and definately not an 8th grader.

"Woo Hoo, I'm not alone today."

And I thought,
"I am glad it is 8th grade day and my life is my life and that I don't normally go see movies in the morning and that I won't miss the 2nd grade breakfast because I mixed my days up and that I have friends to stand around and talk to while waiting for some 8th grader to buy something unnecessary and most importantly - I'm glad we brought that young man some joy."


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