Wednesday, July 9, 2014

From yesterday

The Oklahoma wind was kind to us.
The wild fires from a few summers ago ran through this property.
Sadly, a lot of trees died.
But there are some beautiful ones left
and our builder 
and hardworking dozer man
are uncovering them in the overgrown mess.
 There was one huge dead beauty that had to come down.
 I would've loved to have seen her alive.

 Here's what I've learned in the past couple of days:
1. The wind has to be 10mph or less in order to get a go ahead (permit) on the burn
also, there has to be enough space around the big pile and the fire has to be babysat.
We are very, very fortunate the Oklahoma hot wind was/is taking a bit of a break.
2. I need to wear different clothes/shoes when I'm walking out there.

 Today's dirty feet brought to you by:


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