Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bad Dreams

We've  had a rash of bad dreams at our house.

I remember walking down my little girl hall, trying to find my parents, only to have the wall be a wall of monsters-moving, little monsters trying to get me. The hall kept getting longer as I walked. I can still feel the fear.

I remember having to go back to my own bed and having to be brave.  It would've been so much easier to not have to be brave alone.

So here is my statement of beliefs regarding the dreams that get to us-be they monsters or falling or deepest fears:
When they come, you should scream loud and run to your mommy's bed and get in as fast as you can and stay there.

When heads are clear and mommy asks what the dream was about.  Answer as bravely and honestly as you can.  It will help.

Especially when your dream can be described as this,
"Miss s took my cookie and then she ate it."

Oh the horror.

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