Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday School

Today was high counsel Sunday.
That means a man comes to speak in our main meeting and brings along another speaker.
The LDS cultural stereotype of this meeting is that it is B-o-r-i-n-g.

We have had three of these Sundays in the last five weeks.  --because of all the bad weather with canceled meetings and shortened meetings and the like.

So I went into our main meeting with a little trepidation.  I was worried about falling asleep. I was worried about my mr. falling asleep.
We are a little sleep deprived at our house.

But, hallelujuh, it was pretty entertaining and enlightening.

Topic: "Joy in the Journey"
First speaker -older gent- softer spoken- used entertaining stories from his youth to make his points about the journey of life.

Second speaker- younger gent- reminded me of my cousin, Ben-loud and fast talker (ok, Ben's not loud or fast, he just looked and used words like Ben)-far from the norm

When he said the words "suck" and "minutia" over the pulpit, I had to stop myself from laughing and saying out loud, "He said 'suck'-at the pulpit!"

I did not fall asleep. 
And I noticed my mr.'s eyes stayed wide open the whole time (ask if that happens every Sunday-it doesn't-main meeting in church is a very peaceful place for my mr.).

Speaker two's main point was finding joy through service to the Lord (by serving others).

He talked loud, he talked fast, and every one of his main points could have been a 15 minute speech in themselves.


I learned (again) that I really shouldn't judge.  I should just accept.
I should go to bed earlier. And---
I found joy in the journey today.
Hope you do, too.

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