Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday School

One of my precious newborns

I got to hold a nineteen hour old baby last night.

I think in my life, it's easy for me to get caught up in the "busy-ness."
It's easy to lose perspective.
To remember.

Holding that baby brought me schreechingly back to a wonderful spot.
A spot where I can remember really what life is all about.

So here's a bit about what it's all about:
A very, very long time ago, before we were all here on earth, we lived together in a place that my church calls the pre-existance.  Pre-earth life. 
We existed before we came to this earth.
We were a huge family-can you imagine it, every person who's ever lived or will live on earth was there.  And more.
I know you and I followed the same plan, because we are here on earth and you are reading this.
You see some of our family chose to follow a different plan that we did.

There was a meeting that we all attended.  We were shown a plan.  A plan in where we would come to earth, gain a mortal body and have a Savior would be provided for us.  It wouldn't be easy.  There would be tests and trials and pain.
We would have to make choices ourselves that would determine what would happen to us in the world, both on earth and after our time there.
One of our brothers didn't like that plan & came up with one that would guaranty our return.  One where our choices would be made for us.  We would all make it back.  It would not be hard.
You can probably guess what happened, which plan was used.
Our other brother was cast out, as were all of his followers. They lost the priveledge of gaining a mortal body & they were not very happy about that.

So this precious little girl in my arms is just starting her journey.  Fresh.
Just like each of us.
We just need to find and follow the plan.

To end tonight's little lesson, listen to this song.  It was one that I sang to one of my little newborns who screamed and cried for her first six months on earth. Click here. Hit words & music and then the play button.

For a much better (& official) description of the story click here.

And very importantly-thank you to yesterday's baby and her family for giving me that day's lesson and the honor of looking at such a new life.

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  1. There's nothing more beautiful than a fresh-from-heaven new baby! Thanks for sharing and reminding me of the lesson of the day.


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