Saturday, February 6, 2010

collage or college

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I was asked to look over a form & let the creator know if I saw any problems. Because I live in a home where I really have to work hard to keep things private (I do when I need to-promise), I had help from a daughter (and not the militant grammar girl either, it was the other daughter).

Here is the text of an email response I just sent:

quick scan-just found one typo
collage degree should read college :)

miss s says "e" for education, "a" for art.
Now she says it sounds like must have been typed in a french accent,so maybe it's ok.

So glad she's found ways to deal with her spelling issues. She's come such a long way.
(email ended here)

My lesson-so glad we kept working with her academically, otherwise she might want a degree in collages.

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