Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Little Fish That Died or The Dog (preface part deux, deux)

mr darcy

I am sad to report that the fish was brought home.
It was alive.
It is now dead.
It is not my fault.
As for the fish's name,
it is not my fault either.

If you would like to know what I am speaking of,


  1. Perhaps Mr. Darcy didn't care for dog food?

  2. Love to you Miss M!

    Ok, I asked miss h about that thing floating in the cup(not the fish, the big brown thing)when she brought it home because I thought it looked kind of fishy.

    She told me it was a special clump of food for the fish. Now you have me thinking--special fish food indeed.

    FYI-miss s decided she wanted a pet fish, too. The day of the school fish adoption, miss h & miss s took a ride to the unspeakable WM to purchase another fish and various accoutrements to enhance their fishy lives. They borrowed two of my vases for homes. miss s named hers mr. bingly. mr. bingly is doing great and has even had a water change.

    I don't know if mr. darcy died from miss h's pride of ownership or my prejudice against the whole thing (fish & story & etc.).

    Oh, My. My.


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