Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Dog (part 5)

Ok, shhh.
Be very quiet about this, because I don't want her to know about it--

I am very happy.

She's not jumped up on me when I've gone outside with her the last few times.
She's obeyed me a a bit more & I've even been using my nice voice.
She's letting me pet her without attacking me and trying to reciprocate the touching (via her paws and tounge).
We even semi-successfully played fetch!
Or has she been reading this blog?


  1. Probably reading the blog, but whatever, it's working! :)

  2. She knows what I have been saying about her. Be good or it's the trainer!

  3. Awww! She loves you!! I'm getting all goose pimply and teary eyed.

  4. Perhaps she is finished with her 'terrible twos'.

  5. Your hard work is paying off!


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