Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another visit from Ryan

Who remembered me from his last visit.
Which is chronicled here, back in the blog's baby days.

And this time it only cost $55, because it wasn't an emergency or in odd hours.

Do you ever have household issues that just keep coming back to haunt you?
My garage door (and it's opener) has issues.
It's not like it doesn't get enough attention.
It's well used, like many, many, many times a day.
It's not even very old.
I guess sometimes the things that need you the most cause the most problems.

For over a week, our garage door opener has been very choosey about who it would open for.
It opened many more times for my mr than for me. I don't think it likes me. I bet it thinks I use it too much.
Once, when I thought I wasn't going to work & I was going back inside to get the stool, so I could reach the lever to deal with it, so I could get me and mr j out of the garage, it decided to spook me and open a few seconds after what we've gotten used to as normal.

When Ryan got here, it worked perfectly.
(Darn passive aggressive door opener)
But I told him about the problem anyway.

So, he tried to open the plastic cover on the opener (because that's where the problem lies this time).
And I said, "It's going to be something simple, isn't it?"
And he said, "Yes. I'll show you."
And then he fought with the cover for a few minutes.
When he got the cover off, he showed me two tiny dials that weren't supposed to be turned to almost all the way high.
He turned them the rest of the way to high.
And then he explained to me, "When these get installed, they're supposed to be turned down to low at first, then when you need more power (like in the winter cold), you turn them up to the lowest high you can to get the power you need. These can't get turned up any higher. You can call me in a couple of days or a week or a month when you decide to install a new opener."
(Ok, it sounds kind of salesmanish the way I wrote it, but he was sincere & not trying overly hard to sell us on a new opener.)

1. Did you know garage door openers had power dial?
2. Did you know they should be adjusted according to the season?
3. Did you know that there's a motor inside there? (ok, really, I knew that, but I've taken that motor for granted-I've appreciated it, but still taken it for granted)

So I gave Ryan a check and waved goodbye as the garage door closed automatically.

Then a few hours later,
guess what?

I'll be calling Ryan in the morning.
I am thankful he said he would discount us the service call this next time.
And I am thankful I'm not calling him about the door jumping off the tracks.


Yes, I am still avoiding the Monday before last's two stories.

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