Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book Report

This came in the mail after I'd finished my summer reading.
It didn't help my state of mind.

It didn't help because all this summer/early fall, I was reading young adult dystopian or apocolyptic novels.
And they made me nervous.

It all started with

and then of course, I had to read

and then I needed to know how it ended. So I read

(Images from here.)

And, just to let you know, when I read, I tend to really empathize with the characters.
I kept asking myself, "what would I do? what would I do?"
And I didn't know the answer to that question.
I was bothered at how close to our society some things in this made up world came.

I do know a very young lady who totally could be the main character.
She rocks.
I'm totally counting on her if times like these ever come around.

Then, because I hadn't stressed myself out enough in the genre (because for me, I lump the two genres together), I read two more books.

Photo from the author's blog.

The first two shown.
I am too freaked out to read the last one.
All I have to say is we all need to get prepared.
We need to have a plan for food, shelter, warmth & safety.
And this is why I freaked out & gave my friend a lecture when I saw they took their wood stove out.
They now have a new one.
I am glad.

I will never look at the moon again without thinking "what if?"

I do not know when I will read the last book.
Probably after I bolster our food storage and have a plan to heat this house without using our modern ammenities.
(We will never own another house without a wood burning fireplace, my mr. Agreed?
If you don't agree- I'm making you read these books.)

And now you understand why the flyer we got in the mail got to me.
Needless to say, I was thankful for the invitation, but I did not attend those services that were advertized.

Here's what I washed my brain out with.
It is one of  my go tos after I've read something I want out of my head.

You can find it here.

I save it for when I really need it.
Because if the end of the world comes, it will be good to be studied in compassion.

So I've read a lot of other books since I last posted about books.
These are just a few.

I do have to apologize, because once I said, "let's do a book club." And I didn't follow through.
So, as I will probably never do that post on a discussion on "The Help,"
I will ask the question here.
If you read it, how'd it make you feel?
Have you had Help?
After reading it, did your feelings about having Help change?


  1. Wow, I have my long term food storage. I don't have my pantry storage. Want to get that in order. Sigh.

    Books, loved the Hunger Games series. Didn't love the last book.

    The Help. LOVED THIS! I loved reading this because my dad grew up in Dallas, TX with "help." He has always talked about how wonderful his mom was to them and how the maids mostly raised them. He LOVED them. But, I think they were still "The Help." I enjoyed reading it and putting his family in the book. I loved it. Oh, have I mentioned I loved this book? We're doing it for Book Club next month (I think) and I can't wait to discuss it. :)

  2. I really liked the hunger games.

    Agree! Let's make sure we can heat our house with other means.

    Let me get through my two books I need to read for work and the Lord of the Rings series and I would like to read the "moon" books.


  3. Aren't story tellers fantastic?

    But I really came to your blog to tell you that I know exactly what you mean about paying for repairs to an old car. I'm in exactly the same spot. I SO want a newer car and I SO don't want to shell out the dought just yet. It's got to be a metaphor for life, don't you think?

  4. I love a good book. I don't think I've ever read anything apocalyptic. I tend to read non fiction humanitarian type novels that offer commentary on some social issue. THOSE I have to break from! Especially when I get pregnant. Hormones = Nightmares. Maybe I'll be on the lookout for a new way to freak myself out. Side note: I've heard it's a good idea to keep beer in your emergency kit because it's like money. Sounds about right to me... :)

  5. B Family- I wish I could be an ear on the shelf at your book club! And---I loved the last HG book. I think you must be a romantic & that's why you didn't like it. It seemed very real to me.


    June Calendar- I love your name! And thanks for visiting. Yes, I agree with your metaphor opinion.

    Tashmica- :)! Have you read Three Cups of Tea (at least I think that's what it was called)-I really enjoyed that & it fed my belief in the importance of education.

    And now I am thinking about the shelf life of beer. How long will it last? (We don't drink.)
    I think that's an awesome idea!!

    It's so fun to 'comment' with you all! Thanks for reading & commenting!

  6. I opened up my library in the other window and requested a couple of these! I did read Hunger Games and was curious about the next one, but wasn't sure if I should go for it. I think I will now. :) I empathize with characters a lot, too.


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