Friday, January 28, 2011


Look what I just found.
What a nice surprise.
I should open my eyes a little wider.
I might see fun things like this a little more often.

To see where it came from click on this link.
If you don't want to click over, here is the text from "The One-Minute Writer."

One-Minute Writing of the Week: the mrs.

I choose one of the daily winning response from each week and feature it as the One-Minute Writing of the Week. This is for the week of 11/14-11/20.

One-Minute Writing of the Week:
Writer: the mrs. (Sunday's winner)

Prompt: Books. How do you treat the books that you read?

If the book I am reading is delicious, I eat it. Quickly. Late into the night, I'll be exhausted the next day, read until my eyes won't stay open anymore gulps.

If I start in and don't like it. I read a few bites and then it sits like leftovers on my dresser gathering dust.

Congratulations, the mrs.! You're welcome to put a One-Minute Writing of the Week Winner button on your blog. Click here if you'd like to snag it.

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