Monday, May 9, 2011


my mr. and little mr. j
out for a run

Remember that last post where I was maybe going to fish for sympathy?
Well today I really am going to do it.
Even though I will be doing something moms everywhere do,
even though I will be enjoying the time with my kids,
in a little car that the older ones think is theirs but it isn't-
that I can commandeer and say,
"Who really owns this car? Driving it is a privilege. Don't give me that look.",
even though I know I am truly blessed to have these kids around
and the good fortune of a vehicle to drive
while mine's in the shop & my mr.'s is at the airport parking lot-waiting for him to come home,
(Oh, yeah, I so totally did not go fishing there yesterday.)
I am going to feel sorry for my self for a few moments.
Along with killing many, many rules of punctuation.

Here is my morning from 6:00am to probably about 10:00am:
6:00am family prayer
make lunches
make breakfasts
6:15am take miss s to seminary
wait in car because it's the last day
and she really wants to go to say bye to everybody
even though she can't stay long because she needs to get
to the school to join an AP World study group
7:00am get her to the high school
7:01am go home
7:15am hopefully arrive home
make sure little mr. b is ready for school
and little mr. j is up
and has used the toilet
because we are going to be in the car a while
7:30am take miss h, along with the boys to the high school
because she just now (11:15pm-Monday night)
remembered that her AP US History test is tomorrow morning at 8:00am
7:45am drop miss h off at the high school
remember to call the "welcome center" to get a pass for miss s
drive toward home
if we get home in time,
8:06am ish send little mr. b out to the bus
if not
take him to school
8:15am drive to the high school
8:30am pick up miss s for a doctor's appointment
drive to the appointment
9:00am (or earlier) arrive at appointment
?am take miss s back to school
drive home


Some time after that, little mr. j and I will
play and have some learning time.
He will have a peanut butter and honey sandwich, a banana and a cup of milk for lunch.
And I will take him to school.

Here is the rest of my afternoon.
It is not so crazy.

3:20pm ish pick up girls from school
miss h will be mad because she's had to wait during
miss s's 7th hour and miss h doesn't have a class that hour
She didn't believe me when I told her that choosing a schedule like
that would have consequences.
Dash back home and try to beat the bus
because I really like to be home when the boys get here.
4:45pm take miss s back up to the school for a practice for auditions
go home
6:30pm take miss h up to the school & join her for an awards banquet of sorts
that I just found out about today right after school when she needed $20 to cover the catering
?:00pm pick miss s up
because she still has piano lessons

You know, I really don't feel sorry for myself.
I just think it's funny.
Just about as funny as when I talked to my mechanic today and he told me
that the battery cable was loose.
That was all.
So I had him check the old car out and see if he could find anything wrong with it
because, if I am going to all this effort for that vehicle to be spending time
at his place, that vehicle better make my time and effort worth it.
And it has to carpool someone to school in Utah next month.
And it needs to be on its best behavior.
He found some things.

(I promise I jiggled those cables.)
(I am off to wash my face and go to bed and maybe try to plan a more efficient way to do tomorrow.)


  1. HA! I actually had to look up to the times once to see I was still in a two hour window. NUTS. It's amazing what us mom's can do before 9am. I'm just amazed at how much crazier it gets...

  2. That makes me tired just reading about it! I hope it all goes as well-coordinated as you have it planned- call me if you need any help!

  3. Isn't being a mom the best?
    The only thing I've enjoyed about doing day care is the fact that it means Dale has always done the Seminary runs in the morning. lol


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