Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As promised..... a picture

I love freaked out first lost tooth photos, don't you?

This photo taken last night by my brother-in-law in Boise
of my youngest born going through that milestone event
without his parents in even the same state.

I was told,
"It's a little tooth. It's small, like a fruit fly, no like a house fly. It's small."
by little mr. j.
He told me that again today when I spoke with him on the telephone.
He also told me something else.

Apparently the tooth fairy that covers
the territory that includes my parent's home
(where the boys were sleeping last night)
is really on the ball.

He told me that the tooth fairy brought two $1 coins
that grandpa told him are collector's items.

Not only do we miss the first tooth lost,
but now grandpa's tooth fairy
is setting very high expectations.
First night service & "collector's items"

Are you reading this tooth fairy?
Your counterpart up in the Northwestern USA
is excelling in his/her position.
Thank you.


  1. HAHAH!!! He's so cute sans tooth! What a fun silly and very brave boy to lose a tooth without his mum. Kudos to the toothfairy!

  2. HA! That tooth fairy rocks! Way cooler than the TX fairy!

  3. Sounds like the NW tooth fairy service is alive and well. At our NW house Mr. Tooth Fairy provides the collector coins while Mrs. Tooth Fairy provides the over night service. So good to see Mr.J. Someday I'll get to meet that kid. ;)

  4. I get to help with the next one.

  5. Our tooth fairy is apparently from the 1950's since they only bring a quarter. Every child, every time. Oh, and sometimes she forgets or gets stuck in traffic or forgets to take the tooth.


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