Monday, June 6, 2011

I Survived

Just wanted to let you know that I survived and had a great time!
32 Young Women and 5 awesome leaders-we were probably 1/3 of the entire group.
Lessons of mine from the "week"
and I type "week" because really it was only three days
(but wooee baby, it took a lot out of me).
-asking teenagers to give up their cell phones and other electronics for camp is L-A-M-E
(in said teenager's opinion-but not in mine)
-we all just want to feel included
(I felt like I was back in my junior high days-for a little while, then I got over it.)
-food is always better when someone else cooks
(our cook has a sneaky secret recipe for french toast)
-I need to remember to pack earplugs next year
(there's a dreaded WM a few miles down the road where you can pick some up)
-pack extra feminine hygiene products
(the girls will not-see above parentheses)
-spending uninterrupted time with these beautiful young women and other leaders is an incredible way to get to know their souls.
(that was the best part)

Girls' Camp is an annual tradition in the Young Women program at my church.
It's a fun time where the girls learn some outdoorsy things, play, and have opportunities for spiritual experiences. This year was especially spiritual.
I'm very grateful for that.

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