Friday, June 10, 2011

Black Frosting

Sometimes I get these really brilliant ideas
like when I walked into the dreaded WM
(by the way- I heard a friend use that exact term yesterday-woo hoo me to start a word fad)
and found a cookie cutter on clearance
and big ideas began to float in my non crafty head.

The idea involved black frosting.

Do you know how much food coloring you have to add to make black frosting?


Got it.
(My finger stayed purple for about a week.)
(Apparently there is a lot of purple in black.)

First attempt at flooding.
Where I began to question my brilliant idea (again).

There are no pictures of the process after this point
because our lovely photographer
had to take over the piping reigns
because her mother was about to have
a royal frosting meltdown.
I eventually figured out that I made the white too thick.
But only after miss h
saved the day.

Note: You probably wouldn't want to eat these cookies.
They will turn your tongue black.
And your lips.
And the frosting tastes like straight up food coloring.
But they sure turned out cute.


  1. At least you can keep on your diet after making them! Food coloring has to be the nastiest flavor. Glad you had a crafty moment!

  2. We have a family joke about my sister and her "Gray Frosting". It usually started out as a certain color and then adding a bit of this and that trying to get a more vibrant version of whatever color she is looking for, it ends up gray. However, this works well when she is decorating Roads or Mice...

  3. Those cookies turned out great. I could not figure out what you were making until the end. I was puzzled. lol

    Glad you survived camp too. :)


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