Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday School

miss s sang in sacrament meeting with a young man in our ward.
Their voices blended beautifully.
I wish it could have been recorded and played back for you to hear.

I hope they sing again.
I'm glad they shared their talent.

Matthew 25:14-30

The kids chose to watch 'Toy Story 3' today. 
I couldn't stand to watch it.

I spied miss h's little madeline doll packed in one of miss h's suitcases.
I wonder if madeline is ready for college?

We had scones for dinner,
per her last Sunday dinner at home meal request.

That girl and I begin our drive west in two days.
Life will never be the same at our house.


PS - little mr b stayed home from church because he came home from scout camp with a wicked cold. He drank a gallon of blue gatorade.

little mr j couldn't remember what scones were and asked if he needed a spoon to eat them with.
Then, after eating a few, he told us that actually he did remember scones and he liked them and then he said, "These SCONCES are like my favorite food ever. I could eat them all day. No, I could eat them for two days."  Later he decided he felt like he was going to throw up. He didn't.
You know, the things he says really light up my days.

I took a nap and couldn't wake up.
I had a dream that I was driving, but was daydreaming a bit & all the sudden needed to stop.
I pushed on the brakes and they worked, but my vehicle barely bumped the vehicle in front of me and caused a horrible chain reaction rear end fest.  I got out and looked around and tried to help people, but it was bad. But, nobody knew it was me that did it. My car wasn't damaged and it was apparent that I could just leave and no one would know.  Then I woke up.  I wonder what I did?


  1. I think you need to email me that recipe that makes sconces that are good enough to eat for two days. :) Please :)

  2. Still can't believe that H is going to college. How does the time fly? Wish our paths could cross. We're going to be in UT the beginning of July. :( Be safe!


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