Friday, October 26, 2012

The Dreaded Turkey Call

The note came home from the first grade teachers today (via email).

Turkey Homework
I know many of you have been waiting in anticipation, wondering about our 
traditional turkey homework.  Well, the time to start your turkey is now.  Every 
year, since the beginning of time when Mrs. R began working at O'school, the 
first graders have created with their parents a "found" art turkey for 
Thanksgiving.  You can make these turkeys out of anything you find.  Things found 
around your home, at Wal-mart, or in your backyard.  We have had turkeys made of 
leaves, balloons, beads, golf tees, feathers, etc.  The only requirement is that 
this project be completed by both the parent and the child.  When creating your 
art work,  be thoughtful about breakable parts and food that may rot.  The turkeys 
will be displayed in our hall and on the tables during the Family Feast Day.  They 
are due Nov. 13th.

It's time to make our turkey.
I'm quaking in my non-crafty boots.
What will little mr. j's be?
We shall see.

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