But it smelled of death and bacon.

The big garbage bin smelled of death and bacon.
So I sprayed it out, left some water in there and poured in some bleach.
And let it sit.
For a few days.

Then I sprayed it out some more.
And emptied it down the drive into the grass.

I should not have emptied it into the grass
but I thought sending death and bacon into the grass 
was a better idea 
than sending death and bacon into the street.

I didn't think about the bleach.

Don't send death and bacon and bleach to the grass.
It would go better down the drive.

(PS- please don't feel bad for the grass. It's not really grass. It's weeds and it'll come back just fine. At least I'm pretty sure it will. If it doesn't, I've got a great new product that brings death to weeds & smells funky clean to patent.)


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